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Design Assistance Program

20151230_113854As noted in his bio, John Harris is a seasoned cabinetry and millwork designer with nearly 3 decades of design experience. It is a common difficulty for homeowners to receive a high quality design when trying to decide on a kitchen project. Much of that comes from a common factor: Most designers are only designing with the ‘catalogs’ of the cabinetry manufacturers they represent. Their software will limit their designs to conform to the scope of their particular offering.

This limits even a qualified designer from being able to fully realize a customer’s needs, in many cases. This is an industry-wide norm. Unfortunately, that is designed to make it easier for the manufacturer, NOT the homeowner.

Additionally, as a homeowner shops, they invariably will have at least one experience in a ‘big box’ supplier offering ‘free design assistance’. Most of the staff are not, however, professional designers in the true sense. Many have only rudimentary training ‘in house’ that prepares them to ‘fill the spaces’ correctly, but again, their imagination is already mechanically limited by their being conditioned to the limits of their suppliers. Even when visiting privately owned design / sales showrooms, another common weakness presents itself.

The vast majority of designers (not all, of course) have little or no practical, on-site experience giving them no basis for understanding what their idea might require in order to work properly in real life. It is all too common to find that a design that looks good ‘on paper’, won’t pass muster when it comes to the actual installation. Many times this is a cause for work stoppage, extending the length of the project, and many time extra costs that may or may not be absorbed by the companies. It can ruin what should have been an exciting, positive experience.

These, and other factors that can be described at a later date, lead to an opportunity for what can be the best chance for success. Design kitchen first with a professional, one that will also be with you through the length of your project, helping to offset / avoid most common pitfalls. Let the professional help you find what you want at ANY of the supply locations, keeping those staff people limited to supplying prices for a list compiled by your professional, purchase your products directly wherever possible. Utilize your professional’s strengths.

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